Aug 08

Sweet Adeline

Weddings are about the people getting married, that much is sure! One of the most important parts of your wedding is the celebration with your family and friends, without whom the letterpress invitation suite, the photo booth, the passed appetizers, the videography, or the fabulous cake would mean nothing.​

On November 18, 2011, Francesca and I were married, and no one was more proud and happy to be at the wedding than my mother, Adeline. This day was a long time coming, she had joked. My mother loved hearing all about our plans for our wedding — the house we rented for the bridal party, the four-tier square wedding cake we decided upon, the tales of our choreographed first dance lessons. When we hand-delivered my parents' wedding invitation to them, she opened it with care - taking note of the stamp we picked out on the envelope, the curve of the calligraphy in her name, the envelope liner, the paper texture, and the words. ​

​When we opened Little Woman Design on December 1, 2011, my mother was thrilled, and was one of our first facebook fans. When I would go visit her each week, I would bring the mock-ups or the finished products of our work for her to look at. She loved Francesca's designs, particularly the illustrations Francesca would do. She kept a stack of our business cards next to her, kept all of our wedding stationery (including saving the cocktail napkins from the reception) in a bag next to the chair she would sit in, and would show all her friends the great work her beautiful daughter-in-law did.

On Monday, August 6, 2012, my mother, Adeline Magro, passed away peacefully in the arms of her loving husband and children. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers, kindness and love that our friends have shown us over the past week. While we mourn her loss, we celebrate her life. We know that she is still our biggest supporter, and hope to continue to make her proud each day.​

In Loving Memory​
​Adeline C. Magro​

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