Jul 30

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

When Francesca and I were planning our honeymoon, we went to Brian Podvia of JetSet Pilot to check out all of the fabulous options for an all-inclusive getaway. Check out this free workshop at Trilogy Event Design which will help answer some of the questions you have about planning your honeymoon. To register, visit trilogytravel.eventbrite.com. And, for more information about this event, check out the poster below… 

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Oct 08

Honeymoon Planning 101

The beaches of St. Lucia or the canals of Venice? The luck of the roulette wheel in Vegas or an African Safari? Planning your honeymoon can be fun, confusing, and exciting... all in one! 

As we said in our very first blog article, try your best to plan a honeymoon directly after your wedding. Even if you can't afford the honeymoon of your dreams, take some time away from work to spend together, celebrating your new life together!

With so many options to choose from as well as the cost associated with going on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, the place you should start is by finding a travel professional who will take the time to review various options, itineraries, and help keep you within the budget you set.

We had a chance to chat with Brian Podvia, owner of JetSetPilot Travel, recently about why he thinks working with a travel professional is just as important as hiring any other wedding professional when you are in the planning process. “A perfect honeymoon is made up of more than flights and hotels,” he said. “It’s made with attention to detail, with such amenities as transportation to and from the airport, with extras like dinner on the beach, and with knowledge of the destination and the resort you will be staying at. Do you really want to trust an online rating with where you will spend your first week or two as husband and wife?”

Besides being able to offer a couple their own expertise in planning a honeymoon, travel professionals can work with you to set up a honeymoon registry for those couples who are looking for something different from the traditional registry. “A honeymoon registry is just that,” Brian stated, “a registry for your honeymoon. If guests of the couple are looking to purchase something a little different from the traditional registry items they could gift anything and everything from a night at the hotel, a helicopter transfer from the airport to the resort, or a private limousine transfer from the airport to a candlelight dinner for two on the beach, a couples massage, or a zip-lining excursion.”

One of the biggest advantages of working with a travel professional to consider is that you will know the name of the person to contact and their phone number if you would need to get in contact with them for any reason. Whether you experience a flight delay or life throws some other curve ball your way, being able to quickly get your travel professional on the phone will help. 

Our last recommendation in planning your honeymoon is to take advantage of purchasing travel insurance. The average honeymoon costs $5000. That’s a lot of money to lose if something emergent were to arise and you are not be able to go on your honeymoon. Most of the time, you would forfeit a decent sum of the money you have put down—sometimes everything!—but, with the right travel insurance, if you needed to cancel for a major reason, you would be protected.

Special thanks to Brian Podvia from JetSet Pilot for not only allowing us to interview him but also planning our own honeymoon of a lifetime! If you need help planning your honeymoon, you can contact Brian at bmp@jetsetpilot.com or by calling him at 215-272-3221.

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