Mar 12

Michele & Michael's Valentine's Inspired Wedding Stationery

Michele and Michael got married over this past Valentine's Day weekend 2014. When Michele asked her fabulous wedding planner at Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants for something unique to set the tone for her wedding stationery, planner Rebecca Richman sent this awesome bride our way! (Special thanks to Krista Patton Photography for sending us the beautiful photos of our work featured in this blog!)

Having seen Principal Designer Francesca Staffieri's custom illustrated save the dates, Michele asked us to create one for her and Michael but with a different twist: a three-paneled, perforated save the date in the style of the Valentines we used to send to each other in grade school. Francesca got to work on illustrating Michele and Michael's likenesses based upon photographs our beautiful bride sent.

With her save the dates out in the mail getting her guests excited for her big day, Francesca began working on the design system for Michele and Michael's wedding invitation suite and day-of stationery. Michele had requested an elegant, vintage look for her wedding invitation suite carrying the Valentine's theme throughout.

Francesca combined hearts with a gorgeous pattern to create a design that would set the tone for Michele & Michael's big day at The Curtis Center. Everything was beautifully digitally printed on metallic cardstock and mounted on a red backing. The envelopes were lined with the pattern used on the invitation suite.

For her day-of stationery, Francesca carried the design elements from their invitation suite throughout the ceremony program, seating cards, thank you cards, and the footers that printed for her guests' photobooth strips.

The seating cards were tied to small bottles of hot sauce...

We had a blast working with Michele & Michael this past year, and wish them all the best in their new life together! What better way to end this blog than a look at the Photobooth strip (also by Krista Patton Photography) featuring a special guest who dropped by to see the lucky couple: The Philly Phanatic!

If you would like to meet with Francesca for a consultation on your wedding or event stationery designs, please feel free to call 267-481-4093 or email

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Feb 14

Do Me a Favor …

​Valentine's Day is upon us once again, and in celebration of this day built on romance, chocolates and flowers, we thought we'd examine wedding favors in this week's edition of The Little Woman's Blog. Over the years, engaged couples have spent many hours and a lot of their budget dollars on these small gifts given to their guests in gratitude for their attendance at their wedding. From personalized edibles to small trinkets, there is no doubt that choosing your wedding favor can be a confusing and time-consuming experience. And, when all is said and done, the last thing a couple wants to see are their wedding favors abandoned on the reception tables at the end of the evening. Our hope is to help provide you all with some advice and tips in choosing your wedding favors so that your guests will make sure to take them home with them!

Typically, when we think of overall categories of wedding favors, we can boil them down to two general types: consumables or souvenirs. Consumables can range from small bottles of homemade wine to the couples' favorite chocolate bars. The kinds of souvenirs that a couple can choose for their wedding favor are limited to only the couples' imagination! We've seen everything from sun catchers to seed packets, and picture frames to paper weights. Regardless of the favor, the one common thread that can be found in any of these items is personalization.

Traditionally, a favor has been personalized to include the couples' names and wedding date, making even that candy bar a kind of souvenir. While edibles and potables will usually be consumed within days of a couples' wedding, the souvenirs may last a lifetime. And, this is where you have to be honest with yourselves when choosing a favor. Ask this question: other than your family and close friends, are the majority of the people attending your wedding going to keep and proudly display your wedding favor when they get home? Will that set of coasters emblazoned with your names be found on their coffee table each and every time you enter their house? More often than not, these are the wedding favors that get left behind because generally couples will choose something that people will either not need or not have on display because it has your name and wedding date on it.

For our own wedding, we decided upon having two very different kinds of wedding favors that were offered to our guests. Our first favor also happened to double as our guest book: the photo booth. Yes, photo booths have become all the rage, and with good reason—they're fun, they provide your guests with another activity besides dancing, and are appropriate for all ages. Our guests were given a postcard style photo strip of themselves in a refrigerator magnet frame. They also placed a second copy of it in a guest book in which they left us a message. The personalization came in by including our names and wedding date, custom designed and placed on the footer of the postcard photo. Yes, it celebrated our wedding, but was also a favor that highlighted our guests, and gave them a (hopefully) fun memory of our evening.

Our second favor of the evening was a small box, with two artisanal chocolates: a dark chocolate truffle chosen by the bride and a milk chocolate covered sea salt caramel chosen by the groom. The ribbon that tied the small box together used a color from our wedding palette. This gave our guests something yummy to take home. If chocolates aren't up your street, there are many other edible options! For instance, we recently attended a wedding in which the groom's family baked delicious Italian cookies which were boxed up and given to the guests as they departed. As they were homemade, it brought that extra special something to the favor that sometimes is missed when buying items in bulk.

No matter what kind of wedding favor you end up selecting, remember—wedding favors are meant to be small gifts of gratitude that you give to your guests thanking them for coming to celebrate with you. Your wedding favor will be appreciated and remembered more if it's not just a generic souvenir from your wedding.

What wedding favors are you planning on giving? Have you attended a wedding in which you were truly impressed with the favor you received? Please share your stories with us, and leave a comment below!

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