Jun 04

The Question of Calligraphy

Little Woman Design is in love with calligraphy! We thought we should state that right from the start. As we've said before, your invitation sets the stage for your wedding and/or special event. It introduces your color palette, style, theme, and personality as a couple to your guests. And the first impact that your invitation will make upon your invited guests is with your envelope — specifically, how it is addressed. 

Everyone's priorities with their stationery is going to be different, but we would be so bold to suggest that if our couples have a restricted budget and are deciding between a fancy envelope liner or calligraphy that our couples go with calligraphy. The well-worn comments that the envelope will be ripped open and discarded are significantly lessened when your envelope is presented to your guests as a work of art.

Little Woman Design has worked with Lynda Asprinio from Write Away for You Calligraphy since opening our doors in 2011. We have used Lynda's invaluable talents for both our own personal projects as well as our couples. Lynda has been practicing the art of calligraphy for over 25 years, and has made Write Away for You Calligraphy her full-time business since 2006. We recently sat down with Lynda for a Q & A to help shed some light on this important part of your wedding invitation.

Hi Linda! Could you tell our readers who may be interested how they can learn more about the art of calligraphy? 

  • Calligraphy is all about practice so you will need to own some pens and inks.  I started teaching myself with books and videos then took a class at a community college.  I’ve since taken a few classes throughout the years as I found lessons from instructors are inspiring, there is always something new to learn.  Look for a local calligraphy guild and they will be able to guide you to classes to begin.

What are some common event stationery items that calligraphy can be used for?

  • Envelopes (for save-the-dates, showers, invitations and thank yous), place cards,  table cards, table numbers, table names, menus, tags for favors and gift bags, and signs. Small signs throughout the event direct the guests and add a nice detail.  I have made signs for guest books, signature drinks, candy buffets, donation signs and more. 

What kind of inks do you use and are custom colors are available?

  • I mostly use acrylic inks and gouaches as these are waterproof and adhere to most surfaces. Color mixing to create custom colors involves sunlight, color charts and time.  Sometimes it takes just a couple different colors to achieve the desired shade, other times it takes a few.

How many styles can a couple choose from?

  • I offer 20 different writing styles.  To learn a new style I need to obtain the full alphabet and practice, practice, practice.  A lot of time I’m asked to mimic the font used on the invitation, I can usually come close, but out of respect to the art of calligraphy I have to say – no writing style can be mastered over night.  An eye for detail and ability to execute accuracy is also needed. I have also created my own writing style that I call “Cadence”

Why should our couples consider calligraphy for their invitations? 

  • A calligrapher can relieve you of a time consuming responsibility.  A nice gift you can give yourself at this busy time.
  • Envelope calligraphy enhances and completes the invitation suite ~ beautiful inside AND out, becoming an everlasting memoir of your day.  A place for guests to forever keep your invitation (no more throwing away of envelopes, better for the landfills!)
  • Each address is different making each envelope a unique, original piece of art, a gift for your guest.  
  • When a calligraphed envelope arrives at your guest’s home it’s the first introduction to your event that they will see.  Hand calligraphy prompts the ‘wow’ factor.  It will engage immediate attention and evoke anticipation.
  • Your choice of writing style and color will reflect your personality, setting the tone to be elegant, sophisticated or just plain fun!
  • Calligraphy is a formal detail that creates a nice presentation and a lasting impression of your event from beginning to end.
  • So my question is, why wouldn’t use calligraphy?  Hiring a calligrapher will be one of the lower expenses on your list of vendors.  Why not treat  your envelopes with the same care as the rest of the planning?  If all the above reasons aren’t enough, the positive feedback you get will assure you that you made a good choice!

What new services are you providing?

  • Hand calligraphy costs more than computerized because it is an art form that takes time.  Receiving  beautiful hand lettering on an envelope in the mail really makes a difference.  Because I want everyone to be able to have the option of hand calligraphy, I now offer monoline calligraphy.  All my scripts can be done in this way.  Monoline uses a gel pen as opposed to a dip pen therefore I’m able to write faster, cutting down the turnaround time, therefore the cost is less.

Thanks, Lynda for taking the time to answer all of our questions!

If you are interested in seeing more of Lynda's work, please be sure to visit her website at writeawayforyou.com. You may also contact her with any questions you may have about her services at writeawayforyou@aol.com. And, if you are interested in setting up a free consultation with Little Woman Design for your invitation needs as well as to see Lynda's work for us up-close-and-personal, please email Francesca at francesca@littlewomandesign.com or call 267-481-4093.

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