Sep 01

Danielle & Zach's Aldie Mansion and Library Inspired Invitation

We first met Danielle after she reached out to us at the behest of wedding and event planner, Wendy Hartigan of Wendy's Affairs of Heart. Danielle was in the midst of planning her wedding with fiance Zach at Aldie Mansion in Bucks County, PA. 

She knew that she wanted a letterpress invitation: she loved the texture of the paper and the feel of letterpress. For her invitation design, Danielle asked Francesca to use the facade of Aldie Mansion as her inspiration. Francesca then went to work designing the elegant wedding invitation with the facade of the amazing mansion eventually letterpress printed (by Paravano Printing Company, of course!) across the top.

 The edges were painted using the pink tone that Danielle had selected for the mansion giving an extra pop of color. 

The letterpress printing was ideal for the printing of this facade, as it gave more depth and texture to details as small as the windows and doors on the mansion.

She also had a plan on how her invitation was to be housed. Danielle and Zach would spend the next year buying used books at different stores, each title picked out specifically for one of the 90 individuals or couples they would be inviting. Zach was then tasked with hollowing out a section of the books in which the invitation would rest, while Danielle took to designing and attaching a pocket to hold the reply and insert cards that Francesca would design. This was all finished off with a pink ribbon with a wax seal at the top! 

The day-of stationery carried the Aldie Mansion facade to her ceremony program. But, it was her seating card that would continue the book theme Danielle had requested with a seating card designed using an old-style library card for inspiration.

It was absolutely terrific working with Danielle and Zach this past year, and we wish them the very best on their new life together!

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